Wine, beer, spirits, tastings and more in Arcadia, California.

Brasserie Vendome

Brasserie Vendome is our full service wine, beer & coffee bar. It is a casual hangout and a great alternative to a standard bar or restaurant. We have friendly experts on hand who can answer questions, or educate if you wish to learn more. The Brasserie is open 7 days a week. Current hours are Monday - Thursday, 5:30am to 10:00pm, Friday 5:30am to 11:00pm, Saturday 9:00am to 11:00pm and Sunday 10:00am to 8:00pm. We also host many curated tasting events. Check our calendar for scheduled events and get on our mailing list for menu updates and event notifications.

Wine on Cuvinet

We offer small tastes, full glasses and flights from our 8 bottle Enomatic Elite Cuvinet. The wine is perfectly preserved with Argon gas, allowing us to offer a wide price range of wines by the glass. With separate temperature controls we can serve reds at 55° cellar temperature and whites at a more chilled 45°. Wine is also available by the bottle for a humble corkage fee, allowing you to enjoy your favorite bottle from our large selection. Bottle policy read here.

Craft Beer on Draft

We have 11 rotating draft handles to showcase the ever growing variety of breweries and beers on the market. From Old World to New World, classics to local and geeky, we cover the gamut. The line up includes a permanent Cider line, a permanent “Sour” line and nine other varieties. We offer small and regular glasses, and ever popular beer-flights. Come hang and talk beer with us! Beer is also available by the bottle for a humble corkage fee, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beer from our cooler. To read our bottle policy, click here.

Boutique Coffee

We are proud to serve some of the finest coffee available. We have have partnered with local Los Angeles roaster Forge Coffee to bring you a high level, 3rd Wave coffee experience. We offer pour-over, French press, classic espresso drinks (including flat whites and cortados), ready-to-go, French-pressed coffee in air-pots for those “on the go” and the hot trend (err cold trend?) – cold brew on draft. We use Straus Dairy milks in all our espresso drinks and have Califia Farms Almond milk, Oatly Oat Milk, and Pacific Soy Milk as top shelf dairy alternatives. We offer standard drip and espresso blends as well as a rotating single origin. The cold brew is roasted by Forge and brewed by a master beer brewer, served on our draft system by 100% nitrogen to preserve every nuance of the coffee. The “stout beer faucet” whips up the coffee for an incredibly creamy head, so exquisite you won’t even think about adding milk or cream (but we won’t judge if you still want it!). Check back to see what single origin coffee we’re offering.

Corkage Policy

One of the most often asked question in our store is, “Can I buy this and drink it at the bar?”. Given that we are a large bottle shop, why limit yourself to only what’s being poured at the bar? Indeed, we absolutely do allow you to consume any wine or beer from our shelves or cooler at our bar. We charge a modest “corkage” to help offset the overhead of keeping our doors open for you.

Wine: The corkage for wine is $7.

Beer: The corkage for a single serving of beer is $3 and for a large bottle is $7. (single serving is up to 500ml. 22oz and up is considered a large bottle)

If you intend to purchase a bottle for consumption at the bar, you can skip the checkout counter and just bring it to the bar and the bartender can give you the proper service. You will be charged by the bartender when you are ready to settle your tab.