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Pics of all things Vendome Arcadia!

Middle of July and we have been open for 2 weeks! Here’s a few pics of how everything’s looking.

My my my, it has been a long time, but things are still trucking along. Delays are always part of getting a new brick & mortar business up and running and we are no exception. But there are some exciting developments since the last set of pictures. The bar area is coming along tremendously. The retail space is mostly cleaned up, with cooler shelving roughly in place. And the bathrooms are all done. It’s definitely starting to look and feel like a business!

January 4, 2017 update. Happy New Year to everyone! We are not open as soon as we had hoped, but we are looking quite good. As you can, there are fancy materials and fancy materials = progress!!! The floors are largely done, the checkout counter is in good shape and the cellar & cigar rooms are coming along nicely. The lights look good and the room is finally getting some “atmosphere” to it. We have some furniture, decorations and equipment on the short list, so it should start to look polished up pretty quickly here. Getting closer everyone!

November 16 status update. Holy Mole are we in the thick of it! As you can see we are knee deep in construction mayhem. But a few cool things, like #1 We have our front door! #2 We have some cool light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. And #3 We’ve got some tiles in various places on the floor and bathrooms. We’re cooking with gas to get this battle-station fully operational as soon as we can!

October 19 status update. The primary bottle fridges are in! (No doors yet, but framed up.) We have plumbing, we have HVAC ducting, we have drywall ready to hang, By the end of next week, we should start looking like a store!

Taste of Monrovia, October 9 2016. This time it was tequila and mezcal!!! “Tequila Man” Ernesto E. Aguirre was at the helm. Find his stuff on FacebookInstagram, & Twitter. I even caught a photo of our fearless leader, Charles! And there’s one of me too (in the orange shirt).

We just did our first event at the Taste of Arcadia. Peacocks! And a cool Ford Fairlane police car!

We are under construction!!! Pretty much takes a food/beverage/restaurant nerd to get excited about floor drains being routed!!!

Some “before” photos of the new shop before construction starts and some views of the surrounding area. So excited to be across from the Metro Gold Line! And 24 Hour Fitness – get your workout on and then get your drink on!